Welcome to the Buffalo Bills Booster Club Blog Site

Hello fellow Bills fans-glad you could join us on the new Booster Club Blog.  Here, you will find entries about Booster Club activities, along with player, coach, and media involvement.  We welcome your blog input, and encourage you to join the Booster Club as well.  Information about membership can be obtained by e-mailing at billsboosterclub@yahoo.com.

Bills fans are looking forward to the 2009 season.  Canton’s Pro Football Hall of Fame is offering a wonderful enshrinement weekend.  Congratulations to Ralph Wilson Jr and Bruce Smith for their Hall of Fame induction.   The Buffalo Bills scheduled participation in the Hall of Fame Game is an additional source of excitement. 



Congratulations as well to Marshawn Lynch for his successful Pro Bowl participation.  Look forward to that being the first of many Pro Bowl invites.


Thank you for checking out the Bills Booster Club Blog.  Look forward to hearing from you, as well.


(photos from cantonrep.com, sportsecyclopedia.com and nfl.com)


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One Response to “Welcome to the Buffalo Bills Booster Club Blog Site”

  1. billsboosters Says:

    Hi Gary,

    I forwarded your message to Sharon so she is aware of your concerns. Thanks for the input.

    GO BILLS!!

    Holly M.

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