Vic Carucci and Steve Tasker Visited with the Booster Club


(Denny Lynch, Steve Tasker, and Vic Carucci at the 3/31 Booster Club Meeting)


Hello fellow Bills fans.  Thank you to those who were able to attend the 3/31/09 Booster Club meeting at Ralph Wilson Stadium.  Also, a special thank you to Steve Tasker and Vic Carucci for their guest participation at the event.  Vic and Steve gave a great presentation, and made the meeting a memorable one.  Highlights included their insights on the Terrell Owens signing, potential draft picks/needs, changes in media coverage over the years regarding rapid posting of NFL issues, and thoughts on the upcoming season.  Steve and Vic graciously answered a variety of booster members’ questions, and their efforts are greatly appreciated. 


Also, the upcoming trip to the Pro Football HOF was discussed.  There are 2 remaining spots, so please contact the boosters at if interested.  The 2-day trip will be a great experience!!



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